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Upcoming Events
- MPHS/EGMS Band Concert
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
- Senior Breakfast
7:30 AM - 8:10 AM
- Graduation Practice
8:15 AM - 11:00 AM
School Announcements

PAC Meeting will be May 14th

Rescheduled from May 7th.  4:30- 5:30pm Library. Agenda will cover Vision and Mission Draft.
This is the last PAC Meeting of the school year.  Thank you, visitors and parents that attended and guided this principal with some of your thoughts.

40 Hours of Community Service

A reminder to seniors and parents that the 40 Hour community service is a graduation requirement. It is easily accomplished with a little planning and a few phone calls.  We live in a small community; this is what we do.  We are a better community for the volunteer work that people contribute. Please, start now to get this completed.  This is very difficult to do at the last minute.
Seniors, the month of May is your month to get it together.  Make it happen.  Thank you!

EGSD Transitions Program a Reality

The Transitions Program for our special needs young adults (17-20 years old) is rapidly becoming a reality.  Mrs. Lisa Atencio will lead this effort under the direction of MPHS SPED Teacher Ms. Christine Reiger.  Transportation has been arranged with a designated EGSD vehicle and the Town of Granby has committed the Soccer Dome Annex Building to this program (Thank you, TOG).  This program will provide an opportunity for our young adults to acquire employment, life skills and life independence opportunities.  Mrs. Atencio will work as a liaison and contact person with the business community and support agencies to help the young adults and parents with this transition to independence.  Further, we have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the YMCA of the Rockies to work with some of our young people.  Everyone is very excited about the prospects.  Finally, if you are a business or know of a business that would be interested in employing our young adults please contact our offices and Mrs. Atencio at 970-887-2104.  Great things are on the horizon!


Attention parents and students:
 Middle Park High School is conducting a climate survey to get a better understanding of students perceptions of their school.  Please check your Middle Park e-mail for a link to the survey.  We thank you in advance for your participation.

May 26th, Deadline for all Senior Graduation Requirements

Monday, May 26th, 8am is the deadline for all graduation requirements to be fulfilled.
All online classes must be finished with passing grades, all specific course requirements must be met and
the forty hour community service paperwork must be completed and turned into the counseling office..

AP - Advanced Placement Exams and Costs

The high school will be administering the Advanced Placement Exams in May.  Typically the cost of this exam is $91.00.  Fee reductions are offered to students who are  Free and Reduced.  Extenuating circumstances are also considered and our Opportunity for Youth Foundation can be a help. Please contact Mr. Polonwski or Mrs. Schnellinger at the Guidance Office to start the process.  Mr. Polonwski has visited the AP classrooms and discussed this with the students. Let me be clear, in no way should financial issues be the reason your student does not to take the AP Exam and get credit.   We can help!

The Feb. 26th Community CAFÉ Results Reviewed

Once again, thank you to all the participants in the MPHS Community Café.  It was a packed house with conversations and people rapidly moving around for the hour and a half.
The result was twelve pages of recorded comments on the topics of:
  • MPHS Climate and Culture
  • Graduation Requirements
  • College Preparation
  • Marketing Middle Park High School
  • Athletics, Activities, Academics and Booster Organizations
  • Other. What’s working, what’s not?
As you can imagine, the opinions and concerns spanned the spectrum.  More rigor, less rigor, more AP, less AP, more preparation, less preparation, etc.…  However, all of the comments spoke to the deep heart-felt thoughts about a small local high school.    We experienced many positive comments and certainly concerns were voiced.  The common question for most parents was, “what are you going to do next with the list of comments”? 
Well, I have read and reread the twelve-page list until some common threads began to surface.  By and large most of the comments indicated a school that was working hard for its students and students achieving well.  Many comments were pleasant and congratulatory.  There were exceptions and outliers; these opinions are also important and relevant.  Often such opinions expose truth, perception or misconceptions, all-important to a person leading a high school.
But the following are common ideas to begin to work on:
  1. Communication-The website needs help, it is not friendly or well organized.  This summer the website will be re-authored and designed with ease of use and efficiency in mind.  Information whether, student or parent focused needs to be within one to two clicks.  Immediate information for parents on how to use the POWER SCHOOL to see grades needs to be front and center on the website.
  2. Counseling could engage parents uniquely across the freshman and sophomore years with more discussion around the four-year plan.
  3.  Comprehensive high school philosophy, which focuses on all aspects of post-secondary college and career readiness, was a common conversation. I believe that the desire was for the school to address this in an even-handed manner.
  4. Academic Hall of Fame- Celebrate our student’s accomplishments beyond the athletic achievements were an interest.  A proper place for this was discussed.  We are actively looking into display options.
  5. Marketing – Whether within the context of a competitive market or just getting information out.  The school must celebrate its accomplishments online and with the local media.
  6. Internships-Develop and leverage the student internship to work with the local newspaper, website and media resource to enhance the “real life” experience and increase positive school media exposure.   Several students could write for our local newspaper.
  7. Sports and Activities – again, celebrate accomplishments; enhance the Homecoming with the open invitation to past alumni.  Some creative thought will be placed into additional activities.
 These points are by no means complete and the twelve-page document will continue to be reviewed.  I will use the PAC (Principal Advisory Meeting) on April 16th, 4:30pm in the MPHS Library to further go over finer points.  Again, thank you for your candor and frank thoughts.  It’s great to be part of a great community.
Thom. Schnellinger, Principal

1st Semester, 2014/2015 Honor Roll - Revised

Due to technological difficulties , the Honor Roll for 1st Semester, 2014/2015 had to be revised.  To see the revised Honor Roll - click here.

District Technology Additions

The EGSD School District with the generous help of a variety of agencies will be providing "one on one" computing through the acquisition of CHROMEBOOKS.  This implementation will begin at the Middle School and then to the MPHS.  Click here for the specific district communications and FAQ's. 


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