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11th Summer Reading

'Mostly' Paperless Classroom

Adventure Ed Site

APHG 3rd

AP US History

AP US History


Catering 1

Catering 1

Catering 1

Catering 2 P. 3

Catering I P. 7

Catering I P. 9

Competitive Sports/LifeTime Fitness

Earth and Space

East Grand Education Association

Freshman Seminar 2A

Freshman Seminar 3A

Freshman Seminar 4A

Gen Chem

Gen Chem

Honors Pre-calc

Intro to business

Living Skills 1


Mr. Birdseye

Mr. Boor

Mr. Crane

Mr. Dugwyler

Mr. Kuhns

Mr. Ledford's Room

Mr. Reynolds

Mr Ryan

Mr. Saines

Mr. Saines' web page

Mrs. Hargadine

Mr. Waters' English

Mr. Wheatley

Ms. Boehner

Ms. Dalton

Ms. Dubois-Miller

Ms. Eberhard

Ms. Hoffmeister

Ms. Irving

Ms. Kohler

Ms. Kopp

Ms. Nelson

Ms. Reynolds

Ms. Schneider

Ms. Schneider's Classroom

Ms. Sordyl's Classroom

Ms. Zoyiopoulos


Women's Body Shaping 1A

World Geo 3rd