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April Outlook
April Quick Outlook:

Saturday, April 14th
Max Marr Invitational
@ Berthoud High School (first event 9:00)
Be at MPHS at 5:15 - bus leaves at 5:30
Pick up at the Fraser Rec 5:45
We’ll eat on the way home

Max Marr Invitational 4/14/2018
@ Berthoud
8:00 am Begin Weight-in’s for Pole Vault and Throwing Implements
8:30 Coaches Meeting
9:30 Girls 3200m Run
9:50 Boys 3200m Run Morning Events: Starting at 9:00am
10:10 Girls 800m Medley Relay Boys Long Jump
10:20 Girls 100m Hurdles Boys Shot Put
10:30 Boys 110m Hurdles Girls High Jump
10:40 Girls 100m Dash Girls Triple Jump
10:55 Boys 100m Dash Girls Discus
11:10 Girls 4x800m Relay Girls Vault
11:25 Boys 4x800m Relay
11:40 Girls 4x200m Relay
11:50 Boys 4x200m Relay
12-12:30 LUNCH Afternoon Events: starting at 12:00
12:30 Girls 1600m Run Boys Triple Jump
12:45 Boys 1600m Run Boys Discus
1:10 Girls 4x100m Relay Boys Vault
1:20 Boys 4x100m Relay Girls Long Jump
1:30 Girls 400m Dash Girls Shot Put
1:50 Boys 400m Dash Boys High Jump
2:10 Girls 300m Hurdles
2:25 Boys 300m Hurdles
2:40 Girls 800m Run
3:00 Boys 800m Run
3:20 Girls 200m Dash
3:35 Boys 200m Dash
3:50 Girls 4x400m Relay
4:00 Boys 4x400m Relay

Monday, April 16th
Frontier League Qualifier
@ Clear Creek High School (first event 1:00)
Bus leaves MPHS at 10:30 - release between 2nd/3rd
Pick up at the Fraser Rec 10:45
We will not stop on the way home

Saturday, April 21st
Dakota Ridge Invitational (limited entries)
@ Jeffco Stadium - 6th and Kipling (first event 8:00)
Be at MPHS at 4:45 / leave at 5:00
Pick up at the Fraser Rec
We’ll eat on the way home

We will be doing a ROLLING schedule….the times listed are an anticipated start time. Please pay attention to how the meet is progressing.

7:40am Coaches Meeting (Pole Vault Check, Shot and Disc Implement Weigh In).
8:00 3200m Girls (Slow section 29-32 maximum athletes)
8:15 3200m Girls (Top 18-21 entered)
8:30 3200m Boys (Slow section 29-32 maximum athletes)
8:45 3200m Boys (Top 18-21 entered)
9:00 Girls 800 M Medley (Finals Heats v Time)
9:15 Girls 4 x 800 M Relay (Finals 2 Heats)
9:45 Boys 4 x 800 M Relay (Finals 2 Heats)
10:15 Girls 100 M High Hurdles (Finals-Heats v Time)
10:30 Boys 110 M High Hurdles (Finals-Heats v Time)
10:45 Girls 100 M Dash (Finals-Heats v Time)
11:15 Boys 100 M Dash (Finals-Heats v Time)
11:45 Girls 4 x 200 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)
12:00 Boys 4 x 200 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)
12:15 Girls 1600 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
12:45 Boys 1600 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
1:15 Girls 4 x 100 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)
1:30 Boys 4 x 100 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)
1:45 Girls 400 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
2:00 Boys 400 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
2:15 Girls 300 M LH (Finals-Heats v Time)
2:35 Boys 300 M HH (Finals-Heats v Time)
3:00 Girls 800 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
3:20 Boys 800 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
3:50 Girls 200 M Dash (Finals-Heats v Time)
4:15 Boys 200 M Dash (Finals-Heats v Time)
4:40 Girls 4 x 400 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)
5:00 Boys 4 x 400 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)

8:30 AM Field:
Girls Pole Vault, Girls Triple Jump, Girls High Jump (South Pit),
Boys Long Jump, Girls Shot Put, Boys Discus. Boys High Jump (North Pit)
12:15 PM Field
Boys Pole Vault, Boys Triple Jump, Girls Long Jump, Boys Shot Put, Girls Discus,

Tuesday, April 24th - home meet
We’ll start at 3:30 - out of class 2:30

Thursday, April
High Country Pole Vault Invitational
West Grand High School, Kremmling

Friday, April 27th
Clint Wells Invitational
@Moffat County High School, Craig, CO (first event 10:00)
Be at MPHS at 6:15 - leave at 6:30
Pick up in Hot Sulphur
We will stop on the way home

April Results
Our next meet is this Saturday at Berthoud High School
March Results
Third Meet - Bulldog Invitational at University HS
Shug Reynolds - 8th place in discus with a 20' personal record
boys 4 X 800m relay - 8th place (Alex Holinka, Brevik Petersen, Eric Berry, Aaron Sanders)

Second Meet: Thursday - March 22nd
Rebel Invite at South High School/Denver

26 schools - tough competition. Girls had 5 individual personal records and 4 relay season records set. Boys had 9 personal records and 3 relay season bests.

7th place: Katie Trail - 400m dash
4th place: 4 X 400m relay = Selena Stoncius, Sammy Phillips, Morgan Shaw, Katie Trail
2nd place: 4 X 800m relay = Morgan Shaw, Raelee Granger, Hayley Friesen, Katie Trail

First Meet: Friday - March 16th
Weld Central Early Season Invite - Great opening performances

Men: Will Delay 3rd place - shot put
Aironas Bilevicius 4th place - triple jump
Brevik Petersen 7th place - 1600m
Dawson Grabner 8th place - long jump
4 X 400 m relay - 8th - Blake, Ben, Kyle, Akram

Women: Katie Trail 2nd place - triple jump
Katie Trail 3rd place - 800m
Holly Harms 4th place - 100m
Cameryn Friesen 6th place - 3200m
Emily Lantermans 8th place - 200m
4 X 800m relay - 3rd - Morgan, Raelee, Hayley, Lizzie
800m medley - 2nd - Selena, Jayden, Holly H, Katie
4 X 400m relay - 2nd - Selena, Holly H, Katie, Lizzie