These scholarships are just a few that come through the counseling office.

Many, many scholarship opportunities can be found on the internet. Be sure to also look at opportunities offered by specific colleges you are interested in.

Auguste Escoffier Culinary Scholarship
Scan for scholarship details!

Looking for culinary school scholarship options? Check out our fun competition! Contestants have the opportunity to compete for 30 scholarships totaling $65,000. All registered participants who submit photos of their work will be awarded a $500 scholarship toward an education at Escof****

Printing/Typing Scholarship Applications -

If you need a scholarship application printed, we will be happy to print it for you in the counseling office.

If typing your application, be sure to save a working copy for yourself to type in.

Chadron State College President Merit Scholarship

If you are attending Chadron State College, they offer a 4-year, $7, 000 renewable scholarship. Seniors with a 3.95-4.0 GPA can apply at No application fee!

Deadline is March 1, 2023.


This opportunity from IncFile is to help young entrepreneurs further their education and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit. The scholarship amount is $2500 and their requirements are listed on their website. Deadline is March 31st, 2023.​entrepreneur-grant